Forming start-ups from ideas ignored

Deependra | November 24, 2016
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In celebrating GEW 2016, Glocal Pvt. Ltd. organized a panel discussion program at King’s College on November 19, 2016 with five successful startup founders in Nepal. Prarthana Saakha, Co-founder/Managing Director, Helmets Nepal, Prakash Basnet, Business Development Officer, Mr Help, Paras Katuwal, General Manager, Nepal Thopa Sinchai, Krisha Bajracharya, CEO, MN Entertainment, and Ruchin Singh, Managing Director, Edushala shared their stories and experiences of starting their respective businesses and bringing it to where it was now. Alina Prajapati, General Manager of Glocal moderated the session.

Prarthana Saakha came up with the idea of Helmets Nepal after realizing the demand for helmets in Kathmandu where almost all houses have one or more bikes. Helmets Nepal is a one click platform for all kinds of helmet and safety gears. It aims to ensure selling safe yet fashionable goods related to motorbikes.

Krisha Bajracharya, having come back from the U.K., didn’t see herself as a 10-5 employee. She preferred the idea of an event manager and how owns some of the most successful restaurants in the valley including Durbar and Palpasa.

Parash Katuwal came up with the idea of Nepal Thopa Sichai when realizing the difficulties regarding irrigation systems in Nepal’s agricultural sector. Nepal Thopa Sichai is a pioneering name in the field of providing complete irrigation package in the country which offers services of drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and fogger system among others. They also supply solar lifting pump for irrigation and drinking water purposes, and street and solar lighting systems.  

Prakash Basnet, whilst working for the Jyoti Group, always dreamt of owning his own company. Having lived in Kathmandu for long, he deliberated on the problem of having to stand in long queues to get anything done in the city and came up with ‘Mr.Help’. Mr Help was initially just a service that allowed people to hire others to stand in queues and get bills paid for them but now has grown into a lot more. It also provides one-day delivery service of goods such as flowers and cakes, invitation cards and also offers other services like escorting elder people to hospitals.

The session was enriched with the discussion of startup challenges during the inception phase, the importance of team work and team culture, and ideas regarding new innovations. Producing efficient human resource, and satisfying market demands while earning profits were cited as common motivations encouraging them to open a business. Panelists personally seemed to promote the idea of freedom to work in their own ventures and encouraged their staff to be part of new innovations. They added that discipline, maintaining smooth communication lines, prioritizing work, and respecting ideas of others were crucial to achieving success.


Deependra Chamlagain
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