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Deependra | November 22, 2016
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Nepalese Young Entrepreneurship Forum (NYEF) hosted a talk session entitled ‘Youth Entrepreneurship Program’ on November 8, 2016 at DAV College of Management in celebrating the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016. The program featured Mr Venkatesh Kini, President for the Coca-Cola India & South-West Asia and Mr Krishna Kumar Thirumalai, Region Director for the India and Bangladesh bottling operations at The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) as guest speakers. Samriddhi Foundation was one of the many event partners.  

Mr. Ranjit Acharya of Prizma Advertising, inaugurated the event by speaking on the necessity for youngsters to capitalize undermined opportunities through entrepreneurship. He also asked them to focus however, on their passions that could be promoted to competitive abilities.

Mr Thirumalai began his speech by conveying his pleasure in being present in front of potential entrepreneurs in days to come. He then talked on the modality of business management – which has tremendously turned delicate and convoluted in the wake of globalization. He spoke of the acute necessity among entrepreneurs to have an institutional dream of adding true value for target consumers and stakeholders to run a sustainable business. He also suggested aspiring entrepreneurs to evaluate any forthcoming business decisions on the grounds of such value proposition. Moving on, Mr Thirumalai spoke of the need of seamless connections with consumers, and financial discipline. He also encouraged drive for imagination, long-term thinking, and broader stakeholder & communal responsibility for success.

The other guest speaker, Venkatesh Kini, was then called onto stage to offer any advice he had for creating successful start-ups. Mr Kini deliberated on the importance of having a unique innovative dream, the quality of perseverance to face initial streaks of failure, and the thrust to make a positive difference as the ultimate ingredient for success.     

The session was followed by Q&A session where exchanges were made between the panel and the audience members in seeking business and entrepreneurial advice.

Deependra Chamlagain
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