Startup Account #3- Translating into Success

Startup Account #3- Translating into Success

Surath Giri

Co-founder, Nepal Language and Research Solutions

Please tell us a little about your company - Nepal Language and Research Solutions (NLRS).

We officially began NLRS’s journey in February 2015. We began with offering language services only, but then moved on to providing research services as well. Our range of services is strictly inclusive of Translation & Interpretation, Content Development, Research & Analysis and Project Development so far. NLRS currently has 7 staff members.

How did you come up with the idea of NLRS?

Few years ago, I was working at a think tank as a Research and Publications Coordinator. Almost all research works was published in the English which was later translated into the Nepali language. The process of translation used to be very hectic and lengthy due to a dearth of professional translators. Thus, me and one of my friends who could work as translators realized this demand and that is how NLRS was initiated.

Please tell us about your initial investments.

We started with zero investments. During our initial days, we used our existing networks to land work assignments.

Please tell us about your client base.

So far, we have worked with over 25 companies including Save The Children, Samriddhi Foundation, FHI 360, Samarth NMDP, and International Medical Core. Samarth NMDP was our first client!

What do you hope to deliver in your services?

We at NLRS believe in ensuring quality more than anything else while undertaking any assignment. We always work on improving our quality with every new project we get. The think tank we worked for previously, Samriddhi Foundation, was able to instill this principle in us.

What challenges did NLRS face during its initial days?

Most people still don’t consider language translation as a serious profession, just as they did not do so earlier. Additionally, getting regular assignments was hard and hiring people who would match our expectations of quality was much harder.

Has your team come up with any new practices while working in this field?

As I mentioned earlier, we have been able to guarantee good quality so far and besides this, in the sector of web research solutions, our company is working on developing a new web portal. This web portal will give all the comparative details of various companies delivering different forms of services. For instance, if you want to apply for an auto-loan, the web portal will give you the details of various companies offering the service.  The portal will only consist of companies offering the financial services such as loan, banking, and remittance. 

What suggestion would you like to give to aspiring and new entrepreneurs?

The way global economy is changing, entrepreneurship is definitely marks the way to the future. If you have an idea, even when young, just find an investor and jump into it with an initial market survey. Don’t wait too long.  The key to success in entrepreneurship is to start early.

Do you think events like GEW add value to your work?

Organizations like Samriddhi and events like GEW have contributed tremendously in transforming the way our society looks towards entrepreneurship and those engaged in it. Hence, I personally believe that such events add value to our work.